Компания Clever-energy является официальным представителем компании AUSTA Solar на территории РФ


Austa is a high-tech enterprise under OSDA group who is the 1GW solar module manufacture located in Ningbo, China. Austa is always committed to the research and development the production of solar inverter and continue to pursue technological innovation. With accurate MPPT algorithm technology, according to the weather conditions to play the maximum efficiency of energy storage and household use, to achieve maximum spontaneous use. High power density to make our inverter easier to be installed and with higher generation.

Our main products are on grid string inverter, microinverter, hybrid inverter, etc. The technology was from Germany. With a strong research and production capacity, we sell solar inverter to Europe, South America, Australia, Southeast Asia, Africa and other 36 countries and regions. At present we have become one of major global suppliers for solar inverters.

We manufacture the innovation and reliability. Dedicate to deliver the customers with our best solutions.